Thornton Cleaning Company

We offer Maid Service in Thornton and neighboring towns. We are happy to provide quality cleaning services with our top-notch maids. Every location has dedicated teams, so over time you will develop a relationship with your maids. This allows you to get to know, personally, the staff who cleans your home. Also our dedicated maid service teams will take note of exactly how you like your home to sparkle, so you do not need to tell new maids every time. Maid 4 You offers cleaning services in Thornton that cater to you! We guarantee you will love our home cleaning services in Thornton.

There are plenty of reasons to choose, and love, Maid 4 You. Maybe it’s because we work with you to build a cleaning plan, tailored to your needs and budget. Or because our cleaning Pros are not only expertly trained to provide the highest quality clean, but they’re pretty great people too. It could be because we allow you to choose when and how often we clean so that we fit perfectly into your life and schedule.

No matter the reason, at the end of the day cleaning is our passion and it’s what we bring to each and every home we touch. Maid 4 You House Cleaning Service offers multiple schedules that will allow you to customize the maid service according to your lifestyle and cleaning needs. You may choose to have the maid service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just for that special occasion that suddenly comes up.

Maid 4 you's goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving them valuable time and energy in the most environmentally responsible manner. By taking cleaning off your “to do” list, time is freed up for family, friends and fun!