Frequently Asked Cleaning Service Questions

If you are interested in Maid 4 You LLC’s cleaning services, you certainly have your fair share of questions, which is why we have done our best to answer the ones we encounter most often on this FAQ page. If your question and its answer doesn’t appear on this page, then please feel free to give us a call and ask us directly.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Yes, Maid 4 You LLC is fully bonded and insured. We are guests in your home or business, which is why we have taken the necessary measures to provide you with the peace of mind you need to feel confident in our professional cleaning services.

Do I Need to Provide You With Cleaning Supplies?

No. You are not required to provide Maid 4 You LLC’s team with cleaning products or equipment unless otherwise noted. Any speciality products or equipment requested shall be provided by the client. Our team has professional grade tools and cleaning supplies to make sure that our service is effective.

What are your scheduled services?

We currently provide the following scheduled services:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly (Every 2 weeks)
  • Every 4 Weeks (Monthly)
  • One Time Cleans
  • Move Ins/Outs

What is the best form of entry to provide?

Entry to your property or business must be guaranteed. The options we have for entry include: key, door code, lockbox, garage code, alarm code, client present, etc... It is very important we don't get locked out of a scheduled cleaning. All keys are kept in our office and get sent with the crew on the day of the scheduled cleaning. They get returned as soon as the day is complete and all information is kept confidential.

What time will you arrive?

Our cleaning time frame is between 8am-5pm for residential cleaning and after hours for commercial cleaning. Arrival specific time, unless agreed upon by client and management, can't be guaranteed due to schedule, traffic and nature. We are more than happy to inform you of a morning, afternoon or late afternoon appointment. If you are a regularly scheduled client, your cleaning time frame usually remains the same.

How Do I Cancel an Appointment?

You can call, text or email us directly as soon as possible. We do send our work orders 24hrs before the cleaning is scheduled. Please be aware that if any cleanings are cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled cleaning, you will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Is it Normal to Feel Nervous Before My First Cleaning Appointment?

As a matter of fact, it is. Letting someone else see the level of cleanliness you keep your home or office at is a truly intimate and revealing thing. This is something we have understood since we started our professional cleaning business, which is why we guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality. Our friendly and courteous staff should get rid of the nerves shortly after they arrive and start making your home or business a more pleasant place to be.

Do I Have to be Present at the Time of my Appointment?

Not at all. Normally for your very first clean, a staff member will present the team to you. If you cannot be present, that is totally fine. Most of our clients prefer to leave us alone to clean so that they can come home or come in to work to an expertly cleaned space.

Do You Send the Same Person Every Time?

We definitely try to send the same crew continuously because it makes for more consistent service and better scheduling. However, sometimes life gets in the way and if the cleaner(s) that typically work on your property aren't available, another member of our fully trained team will arrive at the agreed-upon appointment and provide the same high level of service you have come to expect from Maid 4 You LLC.

Do You Conduct Background Checks on Your Employees?

Yes we do. We need to be confident in our employees’ ability to represent the Maid 4 You LLC name, which is why we are very careful when selecting teammates.

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